Medview Airline Baggage

The passenger is responsible for the personal baggage when he is flying, therefore we recommend all the passengers of the Medview Airlineways read the section carefully, that is containing information on what you can and cannot take on board.

Medview Airline Checked Baggage Policy

Free allowance Excess calculation

  • Economy- A maximum of 23kg baggage is allowed on all Domestic Flights.
  • Economy- A maximum of 60kg (27+27+6) baggage on International Flights.
  • Business- A maximum of 35kg baggage for Domestic Flights.
  • Business- A maximum of 76 kg (35+35+6)baggage is allowed on International Flights.

Checked in Free Baggage Allowance

The Checked in baggage includes all those items which are weighted and carried in the aircraft and that is not accessible to passengers during the flight. That must be consisting of suitcases or containers that are rigid and resistant sufficiently that they could bear the stress caused by normal handling so as to ensure safe transport without special requirements. Only hand baggage will be accepted for the infants and no baggage allowance is for them. Free baggage allowance detailed information is published in Medview Airlineways Checked Baggage Policy document.

The Medview Airline Limited has instituted a maximum weight for single items of checked baggage, to comply with Health & Safety requirements. The airline does not accept the baggage exceeding 30kg in weight, for a single piece of baggage.This policy relates only to single items of baggage and does not affect your overall baggage allowance, which is unchanged, reflected on your ticket.

Excess Baggage

The baggage carried in excess of the free baggage allowed for the traveler will be required to pay an extra baggage charge. The rates for which will be published in the Medview Airlineways Checked Baggage Policy document and are collected in local currency. This carriage is dependant on the availability of space on the flight. A total number of 10 pieces, bags/ passenger is allowed.

Special Baggage

The Traveler is permitted to take ski equipment, golf bags, surf and windsurf equipment, bicycle, etc, as registered baggage on the payment of special excess baggage supplement.

Hand Baggage Allowance

One piece weighing a maximum of 12kg on international and 6kg for the domestic flights is the allowed hand baggage for all Medview Airlineways flights. The fare rules may be checked, that vary with the class of traveler, do check these.
The hand baggage includes those items which the passengers may take into the aircraft and can store under the seat in front or in the overhead storage compartments.

The cabin bag will be checked at the gate. If you arrive at the gate with more than one item or it exceeds the dimensions/weight allowed, your bag will need to be checked into the hold. We reserve the right to collect an excess baggage fee or to cancel your reservation and to deny your boarding.

On ALL International flights departing Nigeria there is a 100% ban on all liquids and gels in hand baggage.

Prohibited items

Following items are not allowed in checked in baggage:

  • Briefcases with alarm devices installed
  • All inflammable, non inflammable and poisonous gasses such as camping gases
  • Lighter-fuels, varnishes and thinners and other inflammable liquids
  • Explosives, ammunition, fireworks and rockets
  • Lighters with non absorbable gases (except liquid-gas) and their relative refills
  • Substances which emit inflammable gases on contact with water
  • Inflammable solids such as ‘strike anywhere’ matches and highly inflammable items
  • Oxidizing materials (such as bleaching powder and peroxide), infectious and poisonous materials
  • Mercury thermometers or similar (except a small one for personal use)
  • Materials which are Radioactive
  • Corrosive materials: such as mercury, acids and alkali

Magnetized and other dangerous materials

Liquids contained in hand baggage

The EU rules on liquids apply to all air passengers travelling from any EU airport, including UK airports, regardless of their destination. This may include:

  • Medicines
  • Shampoo
  • Creams
  • Hair gel, hair spray
  • Suntan lotions
  • Toothpaste
  • Liquid or aerosol deodorants
  • Perfumes
  • Cosmetics such as mascara and lip gloss
  • Water and other drinks, soups and syrups
  • Other items of similar consistency.

On ALL International flights departing Nigeria there is a 100% ban on all liquids and gels in hand baggage.

Baggage label

It is recommend to you to complete and attach name tags both on the outside and inside of your checked in baggage.